The Easiest, Most Accurate Way to
Audit Anything in
your Enterprise

AuditHere is an enterprise-grade mobile app & platform offered as a 
subscription that seamlessly connects with your user authentication
  and corporate data systems.


Tired of manually printing and filling out audit forms?
Are your notes getting lost in the shuffle and 
your reports inconsistent? Paper audit forms are time consuming, inaccurate, and provide no tracking.
The AuditHere enterprise auditing app and platform is versatile enough to handle any person, place or process.
The app’s multi-hierarchical structure enables employees to simply and accurately evaluate anything, attach pictures, and add comments and signatures.

Simply tap to select answers, view progress and more. Make audits a breeze and increase audit adoption.

Auto-populate employee lists, products, stores and other subjects to audit & integrate with your authentication sources for easy employee login.


AuditHere features your branding, name, security needs and user controls. 
Get out of Enterprise Mobile Neutral. Push AuditHere to your internal app store and quickly deliver a polished, custom experience for your users.

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District managers personally travel to dozens of stores to perform audits. Prior to adopting Propelics’ AuditHere, managers couldn’t view audit history or even compare week-to-week results! Now they’re able to create individual plans for each store, complete with action items and follow-up progress reports.
Audit results go directly into the store database where regional managers can compare district managers’ stores, and corporate managers can compare regions. Failure and loss trends can be quickly analyzed to implement fixes at any level.
Terracon needed to speed the delivery of 
safety-violations to upper management while also improving their accuracy. They also wanted to capture performance reports to improve employee safety and demonstrate safe practices to customers. AuditHere enabled them to create custom audit questions that covered general safety issues, fall protection, scaffold training, tools and equipment, and more.
Safety audits logged through AuditHere inform individual employee performance and training decisions and provide an overall picture of the safety-state throughout the entire organization.


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Audit employees, stores, machines, etc.
With the flexible AuditHere app.



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